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KitchenAid Repair Question

Have a KitchenAid repair question? Ask Away!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Won't My KitchenAid Stand Mixer Turn on?

I have a 5 Quart Artisan Stand Mixer and it won't turn on, What do I do?
Hello!  There are a few things to check.  The most common thing we see on the Artisan Mixers is the Mixer Brushes have not been installed correctly.

Before attempting any repairs make sure your mixer is unplugged.

While the mixer brushes can be installed in any direction, they have to be put in correctly for the mixer to turn on.  So start by removing your brush caps, be careful as there is a spring that may pop out, remove the brush.  Use a flash light to shine into the brush holder.  You should see a square inside, and in one of the corners will be another square (either lower right or upper left) the tappered/ or dog eared side of the brush must line up to that small square.  Reinstall brush cap and try again.

The next thing to check would be the mixer cord.  Remove the end cap off of the rear of the mixer, 

Beaters won't move/Stop moving under a load

I have a 6 Quart mixer and when I am trying to make dough the beater stops spinning
Check for stripped gears

My Beater is Hitting the Bowl/Bowl Height Adjustment

I have a 4.5 Quart Tilt Head Mixer, and the beater is hitting the bowl

Start by making sure your mixer is unplugged.  You will need a large flat head screwdriver, a dime, your bowl and your flat beater.

Unlock the head of your mixer and tilt the head back.  You will see in the neck of the mixer a flat head screw, this is your adjustment screw.  You will want to turn the screw right to raise the head height and left to lower it.  We recommend only one quarter of a turn at a time.  When the head is adjusted correctly you should be able to put your bowl on the mixer, attach the flat beater and put the dime in the bottom of the bowl.  Plug in your mixer and turn it onto speed 1, your flat beater should barely flick the dime around the bottom of the bowl.